Award Winning Branding, Content Design and Writing for Social, Visual, Digital Media Marketing and Communications


I have many years of experience taking desired business and marketing goals, mapping them out, then executing across multiple channels.


Everything I do is tied to some form of marketing and I design to maximize KPIs and ROI’s using data, analytics and useful advances in technology.


Branding is at the core of what I do and I’ve crafted hundreds of exceptional identities and communications into visual works that always catch the eye. 


Visual and written content design are at the heart of what I do and my goal is to create work that stands out, improves reputations, and grows authority over time.


I have over 7 years of designing and building websites with WordPress and other platforms and have been an admin on Joomla and Drupal sites.


I have over 8 years of in-depth social media management experience working across multiple platforms with widely varied audiences.


I mostly work with Adobe and Apple apps but know and keep up with a wide range of systems and technologies including web and app development, CRM, CMS, DAM, Ai, AR and VR.



I follow the top sources of intel, trends and changes in digital media and technology and apply the most sensible solutions and best practices to every task.


There are over 110 images and links in the Portfolio organized in categories GO


“Steven constantly blows me away with his work.
He has given Sugar & Spice a lovely grown up look and been an amazing source of support through the transition.”

Crystal Winterton , Sugar and Spice Bath and Bodycare Ltd.

“I’ve never worked with anyone who is capable of being simultaneously practical and imaginative and this is truly Steve’s gift. He understands the value of electronic mediums and uses them strategically, which can sometimes mean sparingly, but always with purpose. Bonus – unfailingly honest and absolute integrity!”

Kathleen Allisen - Change Management Advisor, BC Hydro

“Mr Robinson is truly gifted as a digital media artist and communicator. He listens to every detail of what you are needing and wanting and turns your thoughts and goals into images, stories, videos, social media content that boost your presence and influence on any channel. A true wizard at what he does. I would highly recommended him.”

Michael Strickland - Spa Cultural Consultant

“It’s no small feat to win a global Maxi award let alone FOUR of them!!! Your work is clearly world-class”
Shaley Boese, Property Director, BOSA Developments

When it comes to visual marketing, innovative branding and creative web design, Steve Robinson is the go-to-guy. I say this because a lot of the ‘top professionals’ in multimedia do not take the time to get to know you inside out. His ability to create projects that represent you to a tee is outstanding. If you’re looking to be in your own lane, with someone who treats you like a human rather than a number, Steve is the guy you want.
Phil Good, Los Angeles

Dear Steve, I have the greatest shiatsu website I have seen thanks to you. There is nothing like it that I have found on the web. You are a true master of your craft. I am so proud of this command center you have created and grateful for the incredible depth of knowledge you have in social media. Namaste my dear friend.
John Ferreira, The Shiatsu Shaman

“I really appreciate all the time and perfection you put into the projects for all 5 divisions of Sterling Shoes. Thanks for making me look so good!”
Hali Meric, Marketing Director, Sterling Shoes

“A great supplier and partner with Umbro because of your ability to get the job done with a high degree of quality, on time and on budget”
Carmen Williams, Marketing, Umbro Canada

“I want to say a BIG THANK YOU! to Steve Robinson for being my Knight in Shining Armour as a tech, teacher and adviser, support coach and being by my side the whole 9 weeks of designing my site. I will be using his services through all my books, programs and what ever is up ahead over the next half of my life. THIS MAN ROCKS…..Love and admiration for your genius”
Kim Louise Easterbrook,

“Steve Robinson does magic for your web presence. He is an intuitive alchemist that can take the ideas out of your head, the passion in your heart, and transmute it to a virtual platform for you to connect and communicate with your perfect client. Thank the universe for your awareness and congratulate yourself on taking inspired action to hire him”
Janet Charette, Travelling Theta Healer